Film production
requires a lot of planning and

  • Research and Script

  • Preparation

  • Shooting

  • Assembly and diassembly

  • Image and Edit

P35 universe

With P35, the whole process becomes simpler and quicker as we ensure the following phases:

  • Data collection with the information that writers use
  • Search for archive material, bibliographical or iconographic references
  • Providing infrastructures for secretarial and communication services
  • Technicians involved: Screenwriters, Proofreaders, Researchers, Executive Producer, Director and diverse staff (assistants, advisers and secretaries)


  • Negotiation of contracts with co-production
  • Search for hiring, renting or building scenarios in studios
  • Search and buy: props, construction, furniture, objects and art direction
  • Technical analysis on script decoupage with useful information for the whole team
  • Hiring necessary services for the whole team (food, lodging, transportation … etc)
  • Rental and hire of camera, sound, lighting equipment, various and inherent machinery

  • Buying consumables
  • Hiring artists and technicians
  • Test and hiring cast and extras
  • Preparation of the actors, rehearsals and tests, photogeny, make-up and costumes

  • Preparation and organization of the production plan with the filming schedule
  • Flexible planning that allows changes in very short time-frames.
  • Providing the required infrastructure
  • Negotiation of distribution agreements
  • Technicians involved: Team of Writers, Executive Producer and Staff, Production Director, Finishing Producer, Cinematographer/DOP, Art Director (set designer, costumes), Assistant Technician.


  • Purchase of images and sounds, produced by others that may be used in the film
  • Definition of the movie view windows according to signed agreements
  • Hiring finalization (editing, image and sound, finalizers, etc …)
  • Hiring services that work for the disclosure of the film when it is launched
  • Technicians involved: Executive Producer and staff, Production Director, Finalization Producer, Director, Service Providers (press advisory, PR services, agencies etc …)
  • Broad dissemination of information, organized in Orders of the Day for all technicians and artists involved in the process
  • Follow the shooting criteria established during the preparation.
  • Providing the required infrastructure
  • Technicians involved: Team of Screenwriters, Executive Producer and Staff, Production Director, Finalization Producer, Director, DOP, Art Director (set designer, costume designer, sound technician and assistant
  • Verification and return of material
  • Decision on the destination of the purchased material
  • Settlement and write-offs of temporary labor contracts
  • Discharge of labor obligations
  • Disassembling the film set
  • Technicians involved: Executive Producer and staff, Production Director, Director and Assistants, Camera Assistants, Art Director, Sound engineer and assistants
  • Hiring of services required for this phase
  • Final cut approval
  • Technicians involved: Executive Producer and Staff, Finalization Producer, Sound Editor, Synchronizers, Director, Editor and Staff
  • Hiring of required services
  • Soundtrack approval
  • Approval of sound and image editing
  • Technicians involved: Executive Producer and Staff, Finalization Producer, Director, Sound Editor, Musicians and Composers
  • Hiring production services and effects, credits and subtitles
  • First Copy Approval
  • Technicians involved: Executive Producer, Finishing Producer, Director, Cinematographer/DOP

Our work.